Help your kids
love Mathematics!

From a university spin-off, an innovative and integrated game-based teaching methodology.

Teaching and learning paths to promote engagement, passion, and inclusion.

Primary Education

From the 2nd grade to the 5th grade, a gradual path for the discovery of number order, multiplication tables, properties of operations, fractions, …

Middle School

From 6 th year to 8 th year to consolidate or discover prime factorization of numbers, properties of operations, relationships between equalities, and much more …

Why SuperFlat Math?

lt's a real game that engages the kids!

Its gradual contents follow modern theaching and educational methods

Teachers have the capability to track students' progress and tailor individual learning paths.

Training course for teachers included

About us

Why students and teachers love us

I noticed increased participation and argumentative skills in students with difficulties or special educational needs.


Middle School, 7th grade Teacher

I understand a topic on my own without even having it explained to me... it doesn't feel like I'm doing math!


8th-grade student

Playing it helped me develop my brain, and it's also fun. I can't wait to play it again!


3rd-grade student

SuperFlat Math

Enhance learning through play

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