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The Objective

The educational aim of SuperFlat Math is to promote game-based learning through the integration of students’ activities in the video game, reflective exercises on paper, and classroom discussion activities, in line with the latest teaching methodologies.

SuperFlat Math has already been successfully in tens of Primary and Middle schools in Itali, and it was experimented in various field trials conducted by the University of L’Aquila and Sapienza University of Rome. The field trials have highlighted how this methodology is capable of promoting inclusion and stimulating metacognitive reflections, as reported in national and international conference proceedings.

Which are the educational activities of Superflat Math?

SuperFlat Math is not just a video game but an integrated teaching and learning methodology. The educational activities involve a learning cycle consisting of distinct phases: individual play on a sandbox video game, a questionnaire that promotes mathematical reflections, an activity for peer comparison, and an open discussion organized and guided by the teacher. This innovative approach has received positive feedback from both students and teachers.

Students are engaged by the math puzzles within a unique cube-based world, enjoying their progress in the game.

It is important to transfer the concepts learned in the game to the regular school context through paper-based activities and peer discussion.

Through a classroom discussion that starts from the game activities, the teacher can lead the class to verbalize and collectively share the mathematical meanings and the problem-solving strategies.

What does SuperFlat Math and its teaching-learning method offer?

Developing logical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills in a playful and stimulating context.

Strengthening of competencies, the ability to perform tasks independently, self-confidence, and a sense of self- efficacy in a mathematical context.

The opportunity to challenge mathematical tasks within and unconventional and free context.

A chance for peer comparison and verbalization of mathematical concepts.

Allowing the experimentation of new technologies in synergy with his/her mathematics curriculum.

The possibility to plan targeted educational interventions to personalize and individualize activities.

A benefit for students with Special Educational Needs.

Monitoring (through the web app) students' difficulties in various activities to immediately identify common errors and misconceptions.

An opportunity to bring students and teachers together, thinning out the technological and cultural barriers that often lead to misunderstandings between generations.

Field Trials with SuperFlat Math

SuperFlat Math is currently being translated in English. If you are a math teacher at an English-language school and you wish to try this tool with your students, please contact us.

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